Pay my bill

We provide a surgery center bill and require payment of deductibles, co-pay and or co-insurance (which we estimate from the base fee and your health insurance benefit) on the day of surgery. If after your insurance company has paid and an overpayment was made by you, we will refund you the overpayment amount.

Prior to surgery, we will provide an estimate of your insurance coverage and the amount you will be responsible for. This is only an estimate, additional charges may apply. We accept Visa and Mastercard on the day of surgery.

You will receive a bill from your surgeon, anesthesia and for any lab or pathology services. After surgery , we file your insurance claim. Any amounts not covered by your insurance will be billed to the patient.

It is your right as a patient to request information or have questions answered regarding fees and our payment policies. If you have questions regarding your bill or our participating health plans contact the business office at 877-5660.

Financial Benefits of Surgery Centers

ASCs are cost-effective and many times both the cost of your procedure and the patient co-pay charge is lower than at a hospital for the same surgical procedure. Medicare patient coinsurance payments are estimated based on calculating weighted averages of 2010 National Medicare rates weighted by the latest available Medicare ASC case volume data (2006).

Patient coinsurance payments assume a standard Medicare Part B coinsurance rate of 20%. However, actual coinsurance amounts paid by patients may be higher or lower than dictated by the coinsurance rate.