Surgery center physicians and staff take particular care to help children feel safe and comfortable.

Discuss the surgery with children beforehand to help alleviate stress and anxiety.

  • We make every attempt to contact you 48 hours prior to surgery. If you have not spoken to a staff member within that timeframe, call the surgery center, 877-5667, for specific instructions
  • Notify your physician before coming to the surgery center if there are changes in your child’s health, such as cold, flu or fever.
  • The parent or legal guardian must sign a consent form. If you are the legal guardian or have power of attorney please bring the documents so we may place a copy in the file for our records.
  • The parent or legal guardian must accompany the child to the surgery center and stay until discharge.
  • Consider staying with your child during pre-anesthesia and recovery periods to minimize separation anxiety ad give your child a sense of security.
  • Bring diapers, bottles, sippy cups, pajamas, and a toy, blanket, or pacifier if you think it will comfort your child.
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing. Leave valuables at home. If you wear contact lenses or glasses bring a container to place them in.
  • Bring a government issued picture ID and your insurance card (s).
  • Be prepared to pay for your co-pay, Co-insurance and or deductible.
  • You will receive a patient gown, and a bag to store your clothing.
  • In the Pre-operative area, a registered nurse will review your child’s health history, answer questions and help you prepare.
  • The anesthesiologist assigned to your child’s care will talk with you and answer any questions.
  • Your child’s safety and comfort during the procedure are a high priority.
  • A surgical team which includes a Registered Nurse and Surgical Technologist will be assigned to care for your child during their procedure in the operating room.
  • After surgery, the type of procedure and anesthesia will determine how long your child will be in the recovery room and your child’s anesthesiologist will determine when they may be discharged. You will be allowed to be with your child in the recovery area for comfort. Plan on spending about 1 hour in the recovery room, less for some procedures. Only 2 visitors allowed in the recovery area at one time.
  • It is not unusual for your child to feel sleepy, dizzy or lightheaded for several hours after surgery
  • The recovery room nurses provide written instructions from your child’s doctor about post-procedure care, which are very important to follow to promote healing and provide the best possible outcome.
  • Young children and multiple children from one family having surgery should be accompanied by two adults for the trip home. If you have other children, arrangements for their care should be made to allow you to focus on the recovery of your child while at the surgery center.
  • Young children should be accompanied by two adults for the trip home.
  • Follow your physicians orders regarding, diet, rest, medications, and activity.
  • Contact your physician directly with questions or problems.
  • A surgery center nurse will contact you within 24-48 hours following your surgery to find out how your child is doing and answer questions.

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